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Andreas G. KoestlerAndreas Koestler (Director)
Andreas Koestler (born 1953) has a PhD in Geology and worked with the oil industry until he started his own NGO (Yme) in 1990. For over 15 years he built up an extensive competence in the water and sanitation sector, with both development and emergency projects all over the world. In 2006 he handed over Yme and started to work as a water and sanitation advisor in the Norwegian Red Cross. Fontes Foundation was created to continue some of the projects started with Yme.

Joseph AllenJoseph Allen (Chairman of the Board)
Joseph Allen (born 1955) is a specialist in Environmental Hydrogeology and is currently a Senior Hydrogeologist in the Norwegian company Norconsult AS. He also acts as a water and sanitation specialist for the Norwegian Red Cross. He has many years of experience with water projects in developing countries, primarily with drilling and groundwater development. From 2005-2006 he worked in Indonesia with the reconstruction after the Tsunami.

Lucrezia KoestlerLucrezia Biteete (formerly Koestler) (Regional Coordinator)
Lucrezia (born 1983) is currently running the Fontes Foundation office in Uganda, where she also works as a consultant in the water and sanitation field. She has a a Masters degree in Water and Environmental Management from WEDC in Loughborough, UK and in 2007 she finished a Masters degree in International Relations in Geneva, Switzerland. Lucrezia has worked with development projects in Africa since 2005 and is currently responsible for the Fontes Foundation projects in Uganda and Mozambique. Her specialisation is the community aspect of development projects, as well as fund raising. She was Chairman of the Board of Fontes Foundation in Norway from 2007-2010.

Marius KoestlerMarius Koestler (Former Programme Coordinator, currently Advisor)
Marius Koestler (born 1985) holds a BA in Business Administration (Bachelor) from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Since 2004 he has been actively involved in development projects in Rwanda and Uganda, and he gained extensive field work experience during this period. He is mainly involved in managerial issues on an organizational level as well as advising on technical aspects in regards to small-scale drinking water projects.

Valentin J. KoestlerValentin J. Koestler (Project Coordinator & Accountant)
Valentin (born 1989) is currently studying Civil Engineering (Master) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. He initially had a small part time job in Fontes, but has recently advanced to be an important contributor to our technical know how and daily operations. He has assisted on several project implementations in Uganda and has also been taking part in the development of partner companies’ products, such as the Squad-Unit from ClearWater42 ASA.

Vivi NæssVivi Næss (Board Member)
Vivi Næss (born 1952) has a background in journalism and has a broad experience from various sectors and different countries. For two years she worked for the international environmental foundation Bellona, based in Norway. She is currently working with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK, where she has been involved in directing and producing radio programs over more than 25 years. Her experience with people and the media gives a fresh and creative input to the work of Fontes.

Anne Signe HørstadAnne Signe Hørstad (Board Member)
Anne Signe Hørstad (born 1966) studied geology has worked for different consulting companies in Norway mostly within the area of waste-water treatment. After a year working for a consulting company in Botswana, she got involved with development and emergency relief work in the area of water supply and sanitation, fist through the Norwegian NGO Yme and later through the Norwegian Red Cross, where she is currently working as a water and sanitation advisor.

Geoffrey BalibaliGeoffrey Balibali (Advisor Fontes Foundation Uganda)
Geoffrey Balibali (born 1970) is a Ugandan civil engineer that has been involved in the Fontes Foundation projects in Uganda since 2005. He contributes largely with his extensive knowledge of the local situation, culture and politics, and building relations with other stakeholders in the sector.

Gil RodriquesGil Rodrigues Atiena (Project Coordinator in Mozambique)
Gil Rodrigues Atiena (Born in 1984) has a 5 years Licentiate Degree in Tourism Management at Catholic University of Mozambique where he was lecturing for 2 years. In 2008 he successfully completed a Post Graduation course of International Management in Germany, Dortmund (International School of Management-ISM) were he owned his International Business Certificate. Gil has conducted several consulting work in the field of Project Management and, in 2009 he successfully developed and delivered the first Project Management Seminar at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo. He is now working as Administrator of Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development in Mozambique. Since October 2009, he joined Fontes Foundation as collaborator/consultant to do the management and coordination of the project activities in Mozambique.

Rowena MusinguziRowena Musinguzi (Chairman of the Board Fontes Foundation Uganda)
Rowena Nahurira Musinguzi (born in 1981) has a BSc (Hons) in Economics from the London School of Economics. She worked with the Danish international shipping line Maersk in finance with special emphasis on process flow management, cost control and financial management reports. She then worked in Kanungu running the Savannah Resort Hotel, is currently employed by Standard Chartered Bank and is pursuing an MBA from INSEAD (France). She is experienced at organizing fundraisers and has been actively involved in a few charity fundraisers in Uganda for several worthy causes. She is very interested in volunteering and raising awareness especially for children, poor communities and environmental preservation causes.

James ByaruhangaJames Byaruhanga (Board Member Fontes Foundation Uganda)
James Byaruhanga is currently the CTO of Roke Telkom in Uganda. James Byaruhanga has More than 9 years of experience in ISP and Telco IP Networks as a network resource in administration, support and management level. James Byaruhanga has previously worked for Africa Online Uganda, MTN Uganda and MTN Group SA. On the Corporate Social responsibility front, James Byaruhanga has worked and still supports multiple organisations for example School Leavers Enhancement Association (SLEASA) in Kampala, Abenkundine Adult Literacy Group in Kabale with their Mushroom growing project, Little Angels Orphanage Home in Rubaga and the Cancer Charity Foundation specifically with the children's Cancer ward Mulago.

Olavi NdaulaOlavi Ndaula (Board Member Fontes Foundation Uganda)
Olavi Ndaula (born 1980) is trained in Computer Science, Finance and Management (McGill University, Montréal, Canada) and is active in the local and international business communities in Uganda. He specializes in business development and management and is currently involved in the telecom, building materials and property development sectors.

Timothy MusokeTimothy Musoke (Board Member Fontes Foundation Uganda)
Timothy Musoke (born 1978) is a software engineer currently working with Intellisense Ltd. He undertook his studies at Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio where he studied Computer Science. He has worked with JP Morgan Chase, Bank One Corporation, WorldCom before returning to Uganda where he is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer for Intellisense Ltd, a local IT solutions provider. Timothy has done a lot of volunteering work for various groups especially with organizations that deal with marginalized people like Uganda Society for Disabled Children and Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services and continues to support these groups in various ways.

Ibrahim SemakulaIbrahim Semakula (Technical Field Officer, Uganda)
Ibrahim Semakula (born 1966) is a resident of Katunguru Parish. Katunguru is where Fontes Foundation implemented the first water project in Queen Elizabeth National Park. From the start he showed great interest in the water projects especially the technical aspect and has since then been of great help in the implementation and maintenance of the additional water projects. He was formally employed by Fontes Foundation in 2008, and trained over the years by the organisation. Ibrahim currently is Fontes Foundation's Technical Field Officer. His responsibility is technical support to the technicians running the different water projects, and he also supervises new installations and construction works.

Patrick JangejangaPatrick Jangejanga (Office Manager, Uganda)
Patrick Jangeyanga (born in 1978) has a Bachelor degree in Urban Planning from Makerere University. Prior to joining Fontes Foundation on full time, Patrick carried worked on a number of consultancy projects for Fontes Uganda Limited, a sister organization of Fontes Foundation Uganda. Before he joined the consultancy world, Patrick had worked in the financial sector in Uganda for over 5 years. He joined Fontes Foundation in August 2012 and is in charge of office administration, logistics and accountability for all the projects in Uganda. He is self-motivated person who is always self-driven to exceed expectations.

George William BarigyeGeorge William Barigye (Programme Coordinator, Uganda)
George William Barigye (born 1975) has a Master degree in Public Health from Uganda Christian University. He also possesses a Bsc. degree in Health Services Management, Advanced diploma in Health Tutorship and a diploma in Clinical Medicine and community. Prior to joining Fontes Foundation, he worked with Infectious Diseases Institute- Makerere University, Uganda Red cross society and the Local Government. Since 2007, he has been supporting Fontes Foundation Uganda in implementation of various community projects till August 2011 when he joined as a full time employee. He is well known for being motivated by participatory approach to community projects. He is now in charge of the youth Project in addition to supporting other projects for Fontes Foundation Uganda.

The non-profit Fontes Foundation is a spin-off of Fontes AS, a commercial company located in Oslo, Norway. Fontes AS provides the necessary infrastructure for Fontes Foundation to be operational resulting in minimal fix-costs for the humanitarian projects.