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The water intake for the drinking water system in Kazinga, a fishing village in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The main focus of Fontes Foundationís work is on providing safe drinking water to communities in low-income countries. Through participative approaches, the community is involved in the planning, implementation and management of the water system, in order to create an ownership feeling and enhance sustainability. Fontes Foundation also emphasises a close contact to local political and institutional structures, and the aim is to adapt each project and the technologies used to the local context. We believe that the planning and project design is crucial for a good project, and aim to follow up our projects over a long period after the physical implementation to facilitate capacity building in the community and allow for a mutual learning process.

The Fontes Foundation staff has extensive experience with water and sanitation projects both in development and emergency settings, using a wide range of technologies and water extraction from both groundwater and surface sources. Different solutions for spring protection, drilling, water treatment, storage and distribution have been tested in several developing countries, and Fontes Foundation has also played an important role in developing new products and improving technologies together with suppliers.

In addition to improving the water source, Fontes Foundation believes that providing safe drinking water can be used as an entry point to the community, and that the training and organising of a water committee can have positive spill-over effects on the democratic structure in the village, on womenís empowerment and on motivation. Fontes Foundation is also aware of the importance of hygiene promotion and proper sanitation in order to reduce faecal-oral diseases and improve the living conditions and well-being of people.

The non-profit Fontes Foundation is a spin-off of Fontes AS, a commercial company located in Oslo, Norway. Fontes AS provides the necessary infrastructure for Fontes Foundation to be operational resulting in minimal fix-costs for the humanitarian projects.